Convert Store 'value' to Integer

Could you please advise on how to insert a number value?

  1. I am opening the url
  2. I am storing value as 1 ( turns out it is stored as string by default)
  3. Then in a loop I wrap in a loop a sequence of steps with a first step clicking on the element identified by selector in the “Execute_Script” command
    As I want this action in the loop, I am passing the element’s number in the literal with a stored value
    document.querySelector(div.listing-results:nth-child(6)${i}) div.panel.panel-with-panel.panel-bold.listing div.option-links > a.option-links__edit.option-links__icon).click()
    The element cannot be found as instead of returning and clicking on the ‘//nth-child(1)’, it is looking for //nth-child(“1”). How to work this around?
    Solutions that didn’t work: parseInt(i) after I store the value i


It doesn’t work either way
By the way, what is the difference?

can you send HTML source code of the element you want to click