Confused about license limitations

Hello. I want to purchase Personal or PRO edition, however the following line confuses the heck out of me

The license fee includes free upgrades and tech support for a year”

The “tech support for a year” is clear.
The “free upgrades for a year” is extremely unclear.

I am currently running browser extension version 6.2.8. As a Free tier user, I can upgrade the browser extension at any time as many times as I want.
If I purchase the Personal or PRO license, and 1+ years later version 7.0.0 comes out, am I not going to be able to upgrade to it, because my “free upgrades for a year” window ended?
But my inability to upgrade is only limited to Personal/PRO tiers, as Free tier doesn’t have upgrade limitations?

Please please clarify, this is extremely unclear.

Second question:
The Personal/PRO license comes with unlimited XClick events. Again, is that limited to one year, or will I have that forever?

Thank you

Waiting @admin for details

Thanks for asking. UI Vision is only a one time payment and no subscription.

  • Free upgrades after one year: So far we have provided all upgrades and new features for free for all the years and plan to do so for the foreseeable future. However, there may be a time when we add a new feature that requires a new payment. We want to keep this option open for us. Existing features will not be limited or disappear.

  • Unlimited XClick: Like all existing features they will not disappear after one year.

As Personal, PRO or Enterprise user you will always have more features then the free users, since you support the future development, and we appreciate this. We also appreciate all the great feedback and ideas that the free users provide, but the commercial RPA users pay our bills so we can continue the development.

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