Complete Uninstallation

How do I completely remove any trace of UI.Vision for Firefox?

There is something seriously wrong with the software on my machine.

I would like to remove any trace of the software from my machine -
registry and file system - and then reinstall it to see if it gets rid
of the problem.

In short, after opening UI.Vision from the Firefox toolbar, it takes
minutes before my previously recorded and saved macros appear and then
some more minutes before I can click and select any of them.

I have tried creating new (clean) Firefox profiles - and have
uninstalled software with no luck.

I am hoping that removing all traces of the software from my machine
will solve my issue.

PS: I have installed the software on another machine as a test and do
not have the issues there.

Thank you!

Have you installed xmodules ?

If yes what version od xmodules ?

Hi Tony,

I installed the file access module as a trial at some point. It has expired since. I suspect it might be what is causing the problem. If I can uninstall get rid of the xmodules as a start to test, that would be a good start.

Xmodules do not expire, you can use it forever.

Here the plan

Be that as it may, I think we are getting side tracked here. I am still looking for information on removing everything.

PS: The version information is: Installed (v1.0.12)

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Hi. Is there anybody that can help me with this? Please.