Clicks processed but it is clicking again

Earlier my whole scripts were working fine, without any issue, and i was confident 95% , but now after june automate upgrade, i dint have any confidence in this tool anymore. (I did try a lot + put and delete pause + change the xpath but)

My scripts is clicking target

TWICELY from june upgrade onwards.

(Basically it is a edit pencil and after clicking on it, user can edit / update the details BUT now it is clicking once and action pan is in edit mode, after a pause it clicks on it again and u can understand my situation.)

More interesting part is if i am running Test Suite it is giving error, BUT if run this scripts from this line, it is working fine.

Guide me where i need to look and update in it. Please.

This sounds strange. According to our tests, V5.0.5 in general is more stable then any other version.

What if you run the macro as part of the new “folder as testsuite”?

Do you have a test macro for us? (If you want, you can email it to team AT directly)

its confidential so i cant.

You must have a test macro on which you verify always after every build. If yes and if that can shared? May i request you to do that pl.

I am sorry i should not be asking you for it but still doing that.

I will run that scrips on my machine and may be you will find things to be fixed sure.