ClickRelative Feature

The ClickRelative command is really useful. I wish it was easier to use. The main problems I have with it are

  1. It’s only available in the editor (I can’t select this option when using the recorder)
  2. When using the Click Relative Wizard, I am allowed to add the required “green” and “pink” boxes, but these edits never seem to update the actual image file. Right now I have to go into paint, use the eyedropper tool to get the exact colors, create the boxes, save the image.

Is it possible to add the ClickRelative command to the recorder (along with the other numerous commands in the editor)?
Is it possible to save image edits from the “Click Relative Wizard”?

This is on our todo list for bit later. So new commands will show up in the editor first, and then then most used will also get added to the wizard.

The green and pink frames should be saved on the image once you exit the wizard with “OK”. So there is no need to use an external image editor for it. It is strange that it does not work for you (sounds like a bug). =>

Some questions about this issue:

  • Are you using the latest SeeShell version?
  • Is “everything else” (like commands you added) saved ok?

Sorry for the delay. The highlighting feature is working properly. Thanks.
Some more feedback about this feature:

  1. Whenever I run a replay with ClickRelative, the highlighted Green and Pink boxes linger on the page indefinitely, or until a new ClickRelative command is run (and then those linger on the page indefinitely)
  2. It would be REALLY nice if the “Replace” and “Click Area” tabs were combined to reduce clicks
  3. The size of the image in the Click Relative Wizard is small and not resizable. Trying to highlight a large area is difficult and awkward with scrolling
  4. Would be nice to be able to remark up a ClickRelative image that already had green and pink boxes, but not that important to be honest
  5. ClickRelative step stops working if a command preceding it fails (and then hit continue or retry).
    Step 1: ClickType <---- Cannot Find Image (click continue)
    Step 2: ClickRelative <---- Doesn’t execute…
  6. The replayer has difficulty distinguishing copy/pasted ClickRelative commands when using the “Run from Here” feature, it always defaults to running the first instance of the ClickRelative command
    Step 1: ClickRelative
    Step 2: Type ABC
    Step 3: ClickRelative <— Run from here
    Step 4: Type DEF

Result: Always runs at Step 1 and therefore types “ABC”

Thanks for the very useful comments. Here is some initial feedback:

  1. “ClickRelative boxs stays on screen” => this is/was a known issue, and will be fixed with the September update. It is already fixed in my internal test version.

  2. "Combine “Replace” and “Click Area” tabs => Agree. I added this to our todo list for the next editor UI refresh. This issue will be addressed along with the next one (#3):

  3. “Click Relative Wizard is small and not resizable.” => Agree. Actually, resizable wizards are already on the todo list for the next editor UI refresh.

  4. “remark up a ClickRelative image” => Hmm… that feature is already there. You can use the “Erase all markers” button to remove the green/pink images if there is a backup image (= if you added the green/pink markers in the editor). If an image with green/pink markers is uploaded or copy and pasted from another macro, there will be no backup image and the “Erase all markers” button is disabled.
    Short screencast of the feature:

  5. “ClickRelative step stops working if a command preceding it fails” => This works fine for me, see this screencast: - but note that I did test with the latest internal build, which already contains features and fixes of the upcoming September update :wink:

  6. “Run from here picks run command after copy/paste” - I have not tested this in detail yet, but my first guess is that the editor gets “confused” by the copy and paste operation, and sends the old/wrong “start command index” over to the SeeShell Browser. => I made a ticket for it, and we will fix it asap.

Having the same problem in that the green/pink boxes are not saving from the wizard. This seems pretty simple, so I’m not sure if I’m just screwing something up, or what, but it seems that all I have to do is

  1. set the command to ‘clickrelative’

  2. click the image to open the wizard

  3. and click which color I want to highlight the selection with

  4. "OK’ to exit

If I’m screwing something up there please let me know.

Can I get a link to the page that indicates how to manually insert the boxes, what the color codes are etc. I know I’ve seen it but now cannot find it. I know this is elementary but I’ve been looking for this for some time and simply cannot find it now that I actually need it.

Thank You!

ClickRelative works great in Kantu with the XClick command: