Clicking on Next Contact When Name Changes

I’m having a problem getting xclick to work on a changing set of names. I’m trying to get the program to always click the first name in a list. After the macro runs, the name that was first on the list will be gone and the second name will now be first.

I’ve tried all variations of click and I can’t seem to get any of them to work because they all seem text based or picture based. Not location of page based.

What I really want is for the macro to always click the exact same spot on the page, no matter what name is in it. Is that possible?

You can use a generic xpath which is not linked to the name but in this case you have to use external extensions or software to find new xpaths not detected or you can use the clickAT command indicating the coordinates where to click

Thanks for the reply. Can you help point in the right direction on how to find out the coordinates and then how to write that command?

Only you who have access to the page can find the right menu coordinate, since I don’t see the page and have a monitor with a different resolution than yours, I will have different coordinates.

A workaround is to find an xpath that is not linked to the changing name but even then you need to be able to see the page