Can I run Kantu in a TAB?

I love this program and it is getting better but there are still many things to improve.

Can I run in a TAB? I don’t want it to auto close when I am finished with the program, how can I keep this in one my TABS?

Also, the play loop button sucks, that should be separate button on the top menu instead of having to go look for and click two places… defeats the whole purpose of trying to make things easier and faster.


Yeah, I agree. We did not expect that the “Loop” button is so popular :wink: => So with the next UI refresh it will get a better place where you can reach it directly.

This question I don’t understand. Do you run Kantu via the command line with "&close=1"? Because normally Kantu does not auto-close anything…?

My Kantu closes after the script has finished executing.

This happens when I use the bookmark links that I created for each script. Is there a way that I can access the APP directly in a new tab, meaning use a tab to run it in. And run everything in there… I also don’t want it to auto-close :slight_smile:
Thanks so much