[BUG + SUGGESTION] Delays Between Commands

[The BUG]
The delay also applies to commented out lines, if someone wants a delay they will use “pause”

The time delays between the 3 values is ridiculous, I’d suggest this should be configurable in settings where all the timeouts etc are. I think that for backwards compatibility you need to support the existing text values plus maybe “configured” and its milliseconds if numeric

I agree with your post overall. But I also have a question: Why would need to adjust the replay speed in such a fine way? Usually we recommend to use FAST for almost everything.

Thanks, I will try FAST (0ms).

I haven’t used this product enough yet but going from 0 to .3 to 2 seconds is just too big a gap, maybe a shorter period might also work (50ms, 100ms, 1000ms?). If you really need to wait I’ve seen those waitfor functions to ensure controls exist etc and the pause() for longer waits.

And now that I think about it do you need the delay for comments or the wait for type commands?

One of the reasons I decided to try this product was my previous solution didn’t have enough control on timing making it unreliable/inconsistent (and the fact that this also works on html pages which is what I’m currently trying out).

As another, perhaps easier to implement suggestion, make “FAST, MEDIUM, SLOW” etc configurable in settings, and have the current values as defaults.

Actually, normally you do not need this. All the commands wait automatically for the elements to appear in the browser and/or be visible on the screen. So as suggested by @admin I use FAST.

Having said that, I use the PAUSE commands sometimes in critical areas as a quick fix sometimes, like when a website would be overloaded if the automation runs too fast.