[BUG] selectWindow, "tab=open" Reuses Existing Window


I believe that you consider the tab “new” if it was opened with the “file:///” protocol as it normally works for http(s).

        "Command": "selectWindow",
       "Target": "tab=open",
       "Value": "https://www.bdm.vic.gov.au/research-and-family-history/search-your-family-history",
       "Description": "Create a new browser tab - We will click on \"Search our Records Now\" to start a new session (get new GUID in URL)"

Actually I notice that the page didn’t have a title so I added one and it now doesn’t get overwritten. The new tab logic is too simplistic. At the very least this needs to be documented, an/or there needs to be a definately open new tab option which never tries to use already existing tabs.

Going off memory here, but I remember testing this before and it would always open a new tab using CLI if the macro was started from a script.

Thanks for the response, in my case the missing title appears to be the problem as I haven’t had the issue since. Hopefully this is a simple bug to fix.

When you say “started from a script” you mean via the run command? If so what would prevent the same thing happening to that script? I am using the documented “CLI” aka “API” (the generated "ui.vision.html), sounds like this bug is known but I’m not sure what your workaround is. If there is another CLI I might have missed that…

I need it to run from a html page, currently that html page launches the generated “ui.vision.html”.

Yes, I was using the Command Line API: UI Automation Open-Source Selenium IDE plus additional features, iMacros alternative

My PoweShell script would start the macro which has bringBrowserToForeground and then selectWindow | tab=open and it worked as expected everytime.