Best way to achieve this automation

I’ve been creating some automations and they work great!
But now I would like that someone, if possible, could help me out on suggesting the best approach for this task:

  • I have a website where I list all records
  • On the computer, each record (from that list) is a folder with several documents
  • The ones I need for the automation are the ones named: “(record number) DUC (1,2,3…).pdf”
  • So, each record may have one ore more of those files
  • These pdf’s are not images, the text is selectable
  • I need just some lines of those pdfs to use afterwards, always maintaining the reference to the record (keeping somewhere the name of the record)

What I’m thinking:

  • Is it possible to scrap the disk, find all those pdf’s related to those records, using the list I can get from the website?
  • Is it possible to then extract some txt pieces of them, maybe to a single csv file?
  • Should I use other apps with kantu to achieve this? Which ones?

I’m not trying to skip the work, just looking for some insights/suggestions on how to approach this and your help would be much appreciated.

THanks in advance

Yes. This seems to be more a task for a scripting language like PowerShell or Python. Once you have it, you can call it from UIvision with the XRUN command.