Backup Not Updating Macros

My colleagues and I often add macros to automate processes. Anytime we make an update, we upload a zip file to Google Drive and Restore Data from Backup via a download of the fresh version of these automations daily. Today, when we go to restore, no prior or updated macros are showing/restoring. Any ideas on what is causing this issue?

Hi, I tested restoring a V6.2.8 backup into V7.0.8 and it works fine. I also tested backup and restore in V7.0.8 and it works fine.

Can you upload one of the backups that fail to restore? If you do not want to post them here in the forum please send them to team AT

The zip file has some information in it that I’m not comfortable sharing on my company’s behalf. Interestingly enough, we found we can import the zip file but the restore from backup isn’t working on that specific file.

So the issue is solved?