Automate select box

What is the best way to automate a Select box with SeeShell?


Good question. We have 3 different situations with select boxes:

  1. Desktop automation: In this case select boxes are “nothing special” and you can automate them visually like all other things. Specifially you can use e. g. the Click command or send keystrokes with the Type command.

  2. Web Automation:

2a. On the one hand there are modern-style select boxes (Example: Gmail sign-up dialog). These can be automated just like any other element on the page. (Just like in 1 above)

2b. The tricky part are only the “classic” old-style select boxes. You can detect them as you will be unable to create a screenshot of them with the wizard. The reason is their list view “jumps out of the browser”, and thus SeeShell browser can not see it! That is why the Click command does not work in this case.

To automate these kind of select boxes you have to use keyboard events: To select an entry from select boxes, please enter {DOWN} to select entries. If you want to select the 3rd entry, then enter {DOWN}{DOWN}{DOWN}. Then send {ENTER}.

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