Asking for help for if/else/elseif

Please help to imitate how to do it on UI VISION

Example: Game press the button

  1. Wait until the game start button appears then click it.
  2. At level 1 When the game starts, there will be 5 buttons that appear randomly. And we are required to select the visible button.
  3. if the button looks successful clicked. then click on the button to continue to the next level.

How to wait for 5 buttons to appear simultaneously until one of them can be clicked? Is it using (Waitforvisiable and if else)?
and if one of them is executed click directly to click to the next level?

Thank you very much for your help

Hi, can you add a screenshot of the situation? This will make it clearer.

Generally speaking, this is how to wait for an image to appear: Wait for Button and for second page load - #2 by Plankton