Allow to skip macro, datasouces, images demo in installation of ui vision rpa

Hi @admin

I suggest you an option to not download all macro of demo, datasouces, images in local storage because i think this can slow the browser and it’s slow to delete all images from ui vision gui.

I think the download of demo macro must be optional, because can slow the performance of the browser (in demo macro there are a big amount of images).

I suggest you to add option to skip the download of all demo elements (macro, image, csv)

Do you want to download demo macros ? YES / NO

If I choice NO my browser will be more light and fast and NO demo macros will be saved in my local storage of browser.


Yes, we agree. From the next version on, demo macros will not get updated or reinstalled if the extension auto-updates.

So from next version on, if you need new demo macros, you can do a fresh install of the RPA extension or get the macros from the Open-Source RPA Github repo. I think this makes good sense, since typically only new users need the demo macros.

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