Accept alert after load page

Hello everyone!

Kantu automatically accepts alert / popup (send OK) after clicking any button. However, I am in the scenario where once a page is loaded an alert is displayed, and in this type of case Kantun does not send OK. Would anyone help me?


xtype should work:

xtype | ${KEY_ENTER}

Good Morning!

Did not work. Any other suggestions?

Do you have a link toa test page? Or at least a screencast of the issue? Because the xtype method should work, but maybe your situation is different.

This function is called in the load of the page and after clicking on a certain button. When it is called by the button, Kantu sends OK normally, but in the page load Kantu does not recognize, and the macro is interrupted.

When trying to use xtype, I noticed that the alert on page load is displayed before Kantu sends the xtype.