A strange problem using Click

Recently, I have a very strange problem when I was using Click a link to open a new page, it appeared two identical pages, what is more the Click was in a loop, when the first round of loop after Click processed, it appeared two pages ,the second round of loop after clicked, it appeared four identical pages and so on.

I tried to alter to the Xclick and have bought the pro edition (try my best to support the development team, thanks for your harding working), it works well, so it is not the logic error, but Xclick cannot success when it click the button at the bottom of page (the scrolling bar reached the bottom), meanwhile I clearly see slight flickering of the screen, althought I comfirmed the Xclick was processed, the new page never appeared. So I design a error handling code to repeat Xclick, it always lost page prompt the error information "web page connection issue. retring last command"and “lost background heart beat when running command.”.

By the way the Cick/Xclick in deep frame of the page, I use the selectFrame and xpath to locate, so everybody, do you have some effective solution? Thanks a lot!!!

The clicks inside the frame are hard to make without problem.

In my opinion frame are the very hard part of ui vision sometimes record frame name but after when you play macro do not recognize the frame name.

To bypass all problem of frame you must use Xclick and image recognition.

It is true, it always stop working especially swithing the frames. Xclick is indeed a good solution, but I need to extract some text in the page content, ocr cost too much both time and money :slight_smile:

A little solution to detect frame is first exit from all frames after go in prefered frame.

If you post the url page i can try to detect correct frame.

thanks for your warm help, the url is in our internal network of our company, thus cannot post here.