Kantu   Bug Reports

Chrome update disabled the file upload feature? {"code":-32000,"message":"Not allowed"} (15)
[Issue #539] Error: xFile is not installed yet (7)
[Issue #538] Bookmark Issues with V4.2.5 on Chrome (6)
Pause with a big value does not work (2)
[Confirmed bug] Pausing (stopping) Issue ( 2 ) (21)
Bookmarks not working after this last update — Firefox (2)
.... Macro Not found (2)
Getting [error] Cannot read property 'toUpperCase' of undefined error OR #nomatchfound as output (3)
Updates break Macro execution (4)
Command localStorageExport not supported yet (2)
Can't clear some old screenshot entries (3)
Launching from cmd opens multiple Kantu windows (5)
[Confirmed bug] Why is my Kantu still auto-closing after running a script? (7)
Installation of XModules not recognised (6)
XModules not detected (9)
storeText missed one cell from table 77x5 (7)
Issue after april 2nd Update. Xlick not working in my 2 PC, pause/ resume not work (7)
[Issue #532] Pause/ resume not work, Can’t resume after pause (5)
[Bug] [Issue #409] Lost background heart beat when running command ( 2 ) (21)
XClick and XMove Not Working After the Latest Update (4)
[Issue #531] Bug in kantu but not present in katalon (3)
[#issue 530] localStorageExport for screenshots is not working (2)
XModules on Raspbian does not work (4)
[error] variable "KEY_0" is not defined (8)
Tab Open sometimes open multiple tabs without reason (4)
Error while trying to generate date (5)
Visual commands dont always execute (1)
visualAssert: No input image found for file name (13)
Opens many windows (7)
[BUG] Multiple CSV Files With While Not Working (4)